Sponsors 2023

Talent Land

Mexico’s largest innovation event

Talent Land is an avenue for growth, inspiration and training where networking and collaboration is instilled in the brilliant minds that change the world with their talent.

You will also be able to network with prospective clients, recruit potential talent and generate important brand positioning.

Connect with:

face-to-face attendees and 2,100,000+ online users

that seek positive social impact through their ideas and technological projects.


Brand positioning

Ready to recruit qualified young talent

Solve your technological and innovation issues through challenges and hackathons

Engagement and awareness in a large-scale event

What do current sponsors see in Jalisco Talent Land?

At Talent Land we are excited to work with brands that share our innovative and passionate vision with talent and technology.

The alliance commitment between Talent Land and the sponsors is mutual. We seek to generate experiences and add value to the thousands of assistants, personalities, executives and press that attend the event; through marketing activations, conferences, workshops, booths, digital media, hackathons and challenges.

Being a sponsor for the event gives you the possibility to interact in a privileged manner with the biggest talent network in Mexico.

Contact us for further details about the development of the event and to obtain a personalized package that will adapt to your marketing and recruitment needs.

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Our history has been built thanks to the support of sponsors and partners